About Us

  Hi Friends

We are so thrilled you are here.  We are Pillows2.com  We provide luxury personalized pillowcases for your beezer.

Our email is hi@pillows2.com if you need to get ahold of us! 





We have created luxury personalized pilllowcases that are made of a soft microfiber fabric that will bring comfort to your slumber.  It is NOT a screen print.  The pillowcase fibers are actually dyed.  The prints are a bright vibrant color that will be treasured for years to come.  


We are available M-F.  We will get back to you within 24 hours during the business week.  We want to make sure you are happy.  

Our email is:  hi@pillows2.com


We currently ship to the United States.  Items will be shipped in approx 2-3 weeks.  We work super hard to get them out even faster.    


We do not offer returns or exchanges BUT if there is a flaw or malfunction in your pillowcase we will take care of you.   Just let use know at hi@pillows2.com.  

We hand pack each pillowcase to make sure you get the best.


We wanted to show you the quality we provide.  The left is a normal pillow.  The right is the high quality bright pillow you will receive and love.

 There was no photo editing on the pictures below.